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Fall Aeration & Tournament Schedule

Fall Aeration is here- We will be Aeration our golf course in just a few short weeks. This Fall we will only be using small, solid tines to aerate our greens. This method is much less invasive than pulling plugs from the greens. With this method, within a week the aeration will be tough to notice and by 2 weeks out you would have no idea it was done!  

Our Schedule is as such

Blue/White - 9/21
Gold/Red - 9/22

We will also be hosting an IMG Jr. Golf Tour Event on the blue to white course on 9/19 and 9/20. The kids will be playing their tournament first thing in the morning, with a double tee start so that they will be out of the way early. The tee sheet will be opened up to the public around noon. This is a great event, there will be roughly 80 kids from all over the east coast from ages 14-17. There will be some very good players coming from far and wide and we are very excited to have them. Looking forward to a fun and successful event.