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Join A League Or Create Your Own

Why should you join a league? Because you can make it into whatever you want it to be. We understand that people have busy lives and might not be able to commit to a weekly league. That is perfectly fine, you can join one that does not give any penalties for missing a week or you can find one that meets every other week. Even better you can create your own league with your rules and timeframe. You can meet with the manager of your favorite course and find out how to set one up. Here at Flanders Valley we have a few leagues that are organized on their own as an after-work outing with coworkers. We also have a morning Senior league that is new this year. We initially started off with only 20 golfers and now have gotten close to about 60! At the end of the day it’s about meeting new people and playing the sport that frustrates us all but cannot get enough of. So why not give league play a try?

For more information about leagues you can call the Pro Shop at 973-584-5382 x 2 or visit our Events page.